2019 Summer Camps 

June 17-21, 2019

Kaleidoscope’s Summer Intern Intensive


June 24-June 28, 2019 -“Curious Cats!"

Drama Exploration Camp & Showcase for Grades 1st-6th

July 8-July 12, 2019- “Space Camp"

1 Week Theater Production Camp for Grades 1st-8th


July 15 & 16, 2019

"Get Friendly With Shakespeare"

2 Day Workshop for Grades 4th-H.S.


July 17-July 31, 2019- “Desert Adventures & Ancient Treasures”

2 Week Theater Production Camp for Grades 4th- High School


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Now in its 20th summer, KYT has proven to be an exceptional summer theater experience for kids and youth, offering a challenging, yet fun, educational program for grades 1st-High School. Campers, under the direction of staff, guest teaching artists, and student assistants, participate in theater, art, music and movement focused around a common theme and final production or showcase.  Along with building skills in the arts, students learn to trust their imagination, work as part of a team, increase self confidence, and experience the joy and excitement that comes from creating!  Kaleidoscope will host one workshop and three different camp options running from a low-key, process based exploration camp experience to two action -packed production camps!  We are currently in the process of moving, so stick with us.  Please check below for camp locations!

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2019 Summer Camp Descriptions

Curious Cats

Drama Exploration Camp 


June 24-June 28, 2019 Grades 1st - 6th

M-Th 9a - 4p, Friday ends at 12:00 after showcase at 11:00. 

Early registration $260* After April 26 $275

Camp location:  The Lindley Center, 1102 Curtiss Street


This camp is simply purrrfect for creative, curious campers ready to scamper onto the stage to explore all thing feline.Taking inspiration from the Broadway show "Cats" and tangling it up with a bit of KYT cat magic of our own, kids will not only learn theater basics, but explore storytelling and poetry, singing, dancing, makeup, puppetry, and crafts designed to keep things playful and fun. It's the "cat's meow" when campers strut their skills learned during a week at camp at the student showcase on the last day!  Here, kitty, kitty!

Space Camp - Blasting Off
to Theater Adventure!

​1 Week Theater Production Camp 


July 8-12, 2019 Grades 1st - 3rd & 4th- 8th

M-Th 9a - 4p, Friday ends at 12:00 after performance at 11:00. Evening performance is at 6:30 pm.

Early registration $300* After April 26 $315

Camp location: Christ the King Lutheran Church, 4383 Durston Road

Starships, martians, and journeys across the universe means the sky maybe isn’t the limit for adventuresome actors!  Join the camp crew to learn theater skill basics, songs and imaginative choreography wrapped in a sci-fi package and then warp into a final stage production that’s “out of this world.” Let performers’ inner stars shine in this galactically awesome space adventure!

Mayhem - 044_edited.jpg
Fill in the Gaps
Camp Expansion Day Workshop!      
Making Friends with Shakespeare!


Monday & Tuesday, July 15 & 16, 2019

Grades 4th-HS * 9:00-4:00 * $125 (no early registration discount)

Camp location: Christ the King Lutheran Church, 4383 Durston Road

Unlock the language, get in touch with the themes, dive into the characters, and experience the poetry and magic of one of the world’s most notable playwrights.  Our focus is As You Like It.  Bring on the Shakespeare!



Desert Adventures and Ancient Treasures! 

​2 Week Theater Production Camp


July 17-July 31, 2019 * (Note: That's Wednesday to Wednesday! See expansion days.)

Grades 4-HS

M-Th 9a-4p: Fridays ends at noon. Camp ends with fully costumed and staged performances on the last day (Wednesday, July 31) at 11:00 and 6:30. In the past, campers have also performed at the Sweet Pea Festival (Aug.2-4)

Early Registration $480 * After April 26 $495

Camp location: Christ the King Lutheran Church, 4383 Durston Road

Romance and intrigue ride on the hot desert wind as campers bring to life the exotic flavor of the Sahara.  In the best traditions of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Aladdin and his magic lamp, and Indiana Jones searching for treasures in far off lands, jump on board for a magic carpet ride of adventure.  Kaleidoscope's favorite thief, Angela Locknitz, also makes an appearance adding all sorts of mayhem and fun! Past camp participants have traditionally been guest performers at the Sweet Pea Festival in August.

Do YOU have what it takes
to be a KYT Summer Intern?
Kaleidoscope Player's Intern Intensive


June 17-21 +  KYT Camp Dates as assigned*

Internship Candidates: Grades Completing 7th - High School Graduate

Daily Schedule: M-F 9:00-5:00 pm, OR as collaboratively determined

Intern Applications due Friday, April 26


The Kaleidoscope Summer Players’ Intern Intensive provides students serious about their acting path an opportunity to hone their theater techniques in workshop settings, learn teaching and leadership strategies, and expand mentorship skills to be used in their roles as teaching assistants during KYT summer camps.  Interns may also become cast members - rehearsing and performing with camp participants, and for the 2019 summer, touring with the summer Players’ production. 

All Summer Interns must have been involved in current school year classes and at least two (2) Players' shows* and also be enrolled in at least one age appropriate KYT summer camp experience.

*May be waived at Director's discretion.

Although we love to encourage all students who would like to become mentors, completion of an Intern Application and fulfillment of criteria DOES NOT mean an applicant automatically will participate.  Interns are selected by KYT summer staff to compliment summer teaching staff.