PRE-PRO workshops

The pre-professional workshops or PrePro is an extension of our academy geared toward the professional minded performing students. These workshops will feature instructors who are current working professionals excelling in their field.

The Audition Boot Camp

Are You Getting Ready To Audition? 

Woman on a Couch

"Did you know the rise of self-tapes has been one of the biggest shifts in the acting audition process over the past decade"

- Backstage Jun. 3, 2021


Do You Have to Self Tape? 

“All you have to remember is ‘audition’ is synonymous with ‘opportunity’” – Hilary Swank

The Audition Bootcamp
Wednesdays, February 02 - March 09
Love Lane Barn 
Ages: *Students will be required to prepare multiple audition pieces outside of class time as well as a self taped audition. 

Cost: $270 *Series will be capped at 8 participants.  

Whether you are auditioning for a summer intensive, collage, conservatory, or you are interested in pursuing a performance art career this work shop is for you! 

Under the guidance of KYT's Heidi Krutchkoff and star of stage and screen Philip Winchester you will spend 6 weeks breaking down the art of the audition.

Each student will be assigned a song, monologue, and commercial side that shines the light on their individual talents and range or polish performers current working material. Students will work to master their material and prepare a resume. We will invite guest speakers to discuss the finest way to present each young performer. They will mentor students on the best choice of cloths, color, and make up for each style of audition. Students will learn basic film engineering and the importance of good lighting! Then students will be asked to selftape their audition.  The culmination of this exciting series will be a group viewing of your self taped auditions followed by professional feedback with casting director Tina Buckingham.