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Kaleidoscope Youth Theater (KYT) is a 501 (c) 3 organization, imagined by Stacy Hostetter in the spring of 2000. KYT has become a fully functional youth theater with its own location to provide students with unique opportunities to attend camps or classes throughout the year. KYT focuses on providing a safe learning environment where children will feel comfortable and willing to learn.


With a strong educational focus, Kaleidoscope teaches the skills needed not only to perform a full theatrical production, but also that will add value to their everyday lives. This includes a strong educational focus and fosters a mentoring approach among the kids due to the wide range of ages involved so that each child has a buddy and never feels alone. It has often been said that Kaleidoscope is "like a family" because of the comfortable, caring community that is fostered by teachers and students alike. Kaleidoscope works on growing people, not just actors!





To GROW responsible, engaged people, not just actors.


To TEACH young actors the tools they need to become intelligent performers and "triple threats" on the stage - able to act, sing and dance.


To PROVIDE a safe learning environment and performance home for our students.


To PROMOTE teamwork and mentorship... Teacher-to-Student and Student-to-Student.


To FOSTER imagination and love for the arts, recognizing their cultural benefits to the world.


To CREATE an encouraging, caring, connected community.























1. Educational, skill-building classes through "Club Kaleidoscope" during the school year.


2. Summer production & educational camps with a variety of focuses such as broadway, stagecraft, puppetry, and production.


3. Kaleidoscope Players Shows which present opportunities to audition for full-scale productions put on for community audiences.


Since the summer of 2000, KYT has produced over 250 class and Player's shows for the stage with over 800 pieces of music, performing original plays written by Artistic & Program Director, Stacy Hostetter.



Talented Kids. Creative Stories. Excellence in Education. Artistry in Performance.


Kaleidoscope, unlike many other theaters, works exclusively with children and youth in the theater setting. KYT offers theater and fine arts enrichment opportunities to elementary age children through high school age youth using educational theater skill building classes, summer camps, and large musical productions performed for community audiences.




At Kaleidoscope we...


  • Work exclusively with youth. We run classes and camps only for kids and cast kids in age appropriate, challenging shows written especially for kids (and sometimes by kids!)


  • Produce original scripts written by artistic director Stacy Hostetter. As a result, scripts reflect the kids involved. 


  • Keep class sizes small while casting large musical shows so more kids can participate.


  • Create strong mentorship connections between older and younger students. 


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